Adopting and Fostering pets

I am a true believer in adopting pets rather than buying them from a breeder. Have always adopted except for one kitty that was bought for me when I was very young.

My 25 year old kitty Ibu chan died of Congestive Heart Failure on May 28th. She was originally a semi-feral that adopted me in Kyoto, Japan. We brought her back when we moved back to Canada ten years ago.

These are photos of her when she was about 24 years old and in Nova Scotia, Canada.


She was truly the most considerate, clean and loving furbaby I have ever met. I seriously recommend to adopt cats even semi-ferals… Quite often with time and patience, these cats can be a wonderful and loving addition to your family.

I met Ibu one Autumn day in Kyoto, Japan… Ibu decided to rip open my screen window and make our home her own. After a little research around my Kyoto neighborhood I found out she was an five year old offspring from the mountains. She was a little different than the other one’s as her Mother was an abandon American Shorthair and her father the biggest, meanest feral of the mountain area… or that how the story goes 😉 The local ladies also told me that Ibu was born in the Autumn and that her Mom was abandoned by her family who moved away.

I took her to the vet and he confirmed much of what I was told. He also told me that she was not fixed but sterile… though I am not sure how they can tell. She was quite small and only had peach fuzz on her stomach (some cats in hot countries have that).

Ibu chan was allowed to roam the mountains for about 8 years after that until we moved to a busy area. She was an amazing hunter and she kept our home mouse, rat and bug free 🙂 which is quite difficult in an Asian country.


Ibu at 17 in my studio in Nova Scotia. It was very hot and I put a cold facecloth on her to cool her down a bit.

Picture 067

Ibu in Kyoto at 14.




After Ibu passed, I was just a mess obviously because my Father had just passed suddenly a few weeks before… I decided to foster a kitty from CARMA ( to help with the pain…

Meet ‘Alice’ 😉

Alice’s mother and father were feral cats and CARMA which is an organization that helps neuter and take care of ferals, trapped Alice when she was very young. They have to take the kittens away from their feral mothers at about 4 or 6 weeks old so they don’t end up feral like their mothers.

Alice was adopted at about 8 weeks old and then a couple of months later decided to go on an adventure in the woods by herself for three months… Her family moved away by then and Alice had to be fostered, fattened up and taught a few manners 😉 so she would be adoptable.

Now after 2 foster parents and 7 months of re-education 😉 she is ready for adoption. She is just under two years old, very vocal, clean and bit of a character ;). At the beginning of November she will be up for adoption and I will be very sad and miss her but glad that I could help her. Wish more people would foster cats and dogs. It may be hard to let them go but it is wonderful to know that you are helping a living being have a better life.

alice on blue

‘Please adopt and don’t shop’. Thank you. And have a great week 🙂


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