A morning walk on the Tantramar Marsh and the old radio towers…

Decided to take a long morning walk on the Tantramar Marsh. There used to be a radio station and radio towers on this marsh… not long ago. Was very sad when they shut it down and ripped down the towers.  http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2250785369

This article explains some people’s experience when the radio towers were up. Quite funny 🙂  http://www.cbc.ca/arts/this-new-brunswick-town-was-literally-haunted-by-the-radio-1.3768831



It was about 8am and it was just freezing because of the wind which comes from the Bay of Fundy on the opposite direction of this photo. I had winter clothing on but my hands were frozen… even though I had warm mitts on. Photos are not really focused as I had to really grip the camera just to make sure it and I didn’t end up flying through the air 😉


The marsh is also famous for it’s dykes that were built hundreds of years ago by the Acadians…  http://www.landscapeofgrandpre.ca/the-acadians-and-the-creation-of-the-dykeland-1680ndash1755.html

They have Acadian archaeological digging events as well and I have tried to sign up but the waiting period is quite long. One day I will find the time…


There was a rainstorm coming and the shadows are very large rain clouds above. I thought if I looked up they just might break 😉





Decided to go home as the rain clouds moved right in behind me and it looked like I was going to pour… I had a half and hour walk home and didn’t bring my raincoat… it was so cold I thought a winter coat was more appropriate.

Came home to ‘Alice’, my Foster Kitty, telling me it was time for second breakfast 😉

Have a great evening. Take care 🙂






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